Welcome to Grapeshots, a blog devoted to interesting views on interesting brands, interesting wines, and everything in between. There are 3 goals for this blog,
(in this order of importance):

1. Entertain
2. Engage
3. Educate

The views and perspectives presented will hopefully take a light-hearted and interesting view of popular companies, and how they present and market themselves. In addition, (and on the other end of the spectrum) there will be wine reviews unlike you’ve ever experienced before. Not the traditional “has notes of…” or “pairs well with…” but a completely off-the-wall and tongue-in-cheek perspective on “vinos” of all types.

As to the “engage” goal we welcome your thoughts good, bad, or otherwise.
Please keep your comments “PG-13” if you can, and if you can’t, go suck a grape.


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